Wednesday, 28 January 2015

My 7 Days Caribbean Cruise in Pictures

Hey everyone! Recently I went on a 7 days Caribbean cruise with my boyfriend and his mom. Ever since, I've been preparing a travel series (packing, beach essentials, in-flight essentials, etc.) for you guys. I thought I would also share a few of my favorite snapshots in case you all are interested!

The cruise was 7 days with 4 stops : Grand Turk, St-Thomas, San Juan and Half Moon Cay. This was my first cruise so I did loads of research before hand to help me pack and know what to expect. We had a fantastic time and I would definitely love to go cruising again!

We chose to go with the Eurodam from Holland America. I truly enjoyed my experience and I would like to try other cruise companies in the future to compare and chose my favorite. (Disney being high on the list!) One of the big plus I found while cruising was the amazing food everyday on the ship. I decided not to include any pics of the food in here because I know not everyone is into that. Instead I'll dedicate a full separate post on the food so if you're not interested, you can skip it!

Setting sail on the first day 

Pretty sunset at sea from our balcony 

 Right after a tropical shower on Grand Turk

 The beach on Grand Turk

 Our ship, docked in Grand Turk

 I really love this picture of the boyfriend and I! It was at the pier in San Juan

 The streets of San Juan

 Pretty view of the sea in San Juan

  Myself in San Juan

 Right before we sailed off, a view of San Juan in the evening

The pier in Saint-Thomas. This was the catamaran we went snorkeling on that day. 


 Me holding my hat in Saint-Thomas after a day of snorkeling

 Saint Thomas again

The amazing sea at Half Moon Cay with our ship in the background

Colorful private cabanas on Half Moon Cay

That's pretty much it! I have over 700 pictures of the trip, but I tried my best to select just a few. Also I didn't include any with my mother in law because I'm not sure she would like to be on here, but I do have a few of my favorite pictures with her in it. I might add a few in the future if I get her ok! Let me know if you've ever been on a cruise and what your thoughts were! Would you ever go again? Hope you all enjoyed this post and have a wonderful week!

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