Wednesday, 14 January 2015

My New Makeup Set Up

Hey everyone! Today I'm sharing my updated makeup set up! So I've been playing around with my makeup set up for a few years now because I'm never quite 100% satisfied. I've had the MALM vanity table from IKEA for about two years and while I love it, I was starting to outgrow it. I was putting more and more stuff on top of the vanity to make space in the drawer and it looked a little too cluttered to my liking. So I went out and got the ALEX 9 drawer system by IKEA. I know, not very original. Everyone and their mother has this thing, but it's really perfect for my needs. Anyhow, here's how it all looks now.

In case you were wondering, I moved all my hair products to the bathroom which is where I do my hair anyway. The rainbow unit is now used for school supplies/arts and crafts storage.

I set out all my perfumes on a little glittery tray on top of the drawer unit. (the tray is from Dollorama) The perfumes used to be inside a drawer, but I always forgot to put it on. Now it's right in my face when I get ready! I also put all of my perfume samples in a cute bowl so that I can use these up too (also from Dollorama). Last, I have a dish that contains all my earrings (from IKEA).

I've put away any brushes I don't use regularly and consolidated all my brushes into two pots instead of three. This way, the top of my vanity is less cluttered and I have more space to work with.

The drawer is now completely reserved for my main obsession : eyeshadow! I've kept the ice cube tray system for my singles and use a plastic drawer organizer from IKEA to hold my small palettes. The large palettes are on the left side and are all easy to grab. I've decided this was the easiest and safest way to store my palettes. While it does take up a lot of room (which I don't mind), it's out of the reach of my cats, which like to rub themselves on stuff and send them flying to the floor. I've had this happen in the past (thankfully it was an inexpensive palette), but I do not wish to live through that again. So now they're tucked away and safe in a drawer!

This is the nail drawer. I keep in here anything that pertains to nails that isn't nail polish. 

Here's the bracelet/watch drawer. I really love my arm candy so I've got a bunch in here. The divider is from IKEA.

Here's the liner, base and mascara drawer. It's divided to help me find what I'm looking for easily. I'm not 100% happy with this drawer yet. I find that there is a lot of wasted space and the products are stacked on top of each other so this might change in the future.

The powder drawer is on of the fullest and also one of my favorites. I've divided it in categories. Face powder, bronzer, highlighter and blush.

I'm so glad I can finally fit my nail polishes into a drawer! It's probably one of my favorite drawers just because of that! Now everything fits and is easy to find. There isn't a whole lot of place for my collection to expand though. I think it will be fine though since I haven't been buying much nail polish recently.

The lip drawer is also one of my favorites. Since the drawer is deep, I can fit my lipstick holders in there so the drawer is super organised! Everything is easy to find and I'm really happy about the way this one turned out.

Another drawer that I really love is the foundation and skin care drawer. I'm not that big of a fan of the way everything is organised at the moment, but I love that everything skin related is in the same spot. I have all my foundation, sponges, bases, concealers and skin care in here so everything is handy when I do my face.

There is two other drawers, but one is just full of cottons pads, face wipes, q-tips, that sort of thing. The last one is a junk/false lashes drawer which looks terrible at the moment. I'll try and make them look better eventually and I'll show you then!

So that's it for my new makeup set up! If you are interested, you can also check out my older set ups here, here and here. Hope you all enjoyed :) Have a great day!

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