Saturday, 17 January 2015

Me Time Tag

Hey everyone, today I'm doing the me time tag! For me, me time is an integral part of my weekly routine. It helps me unwind, beautify and de-stress! I do it as often as I can and it helps tremendously. I feel pampered after and it seems like a real treat to myself. Usually I will do a spa night complete with face mask, hair mask, nails, bubble bath, tv, etc. 


What do you watch or read during me-time? I usually catch up on my shows or read my current book (right now I'm watching : Buffy, Gilmore Girls, The Originals, and I'm reading : The Infernal Devices series)

What do you wear during me-time? #nobra I like to wear a plush robe with comfy pjs. Sometimes I also wear hoodies with animal ears :D 

What are your me-time beauty products? Lush bubble bar, a scented candle, Lush face mask, redken all soft shampoo and conditionner and a good lipbalm

Current favourite nail polish? I haven't been wearing any lately. I wore a forest green one from Revlon that I loved, but it stains like crazy so I'm not doing that again.

What do you eat/drink during me-time? It depends on my mood... sometimes I'll have tea, or wine/sake, but most of the time I like to have an alchool free beer because I love the taste! I don't tend to eat anything when I do me time.

Current favourite candle? I don't have a favorite candle right now, because I've only got one left, but I've been liking manly smelling candles and citrusey scents.

Do you ever have outdoor me-time? I didn't know that existed, lol. It's much too cold in the winter time to do that over here. All in want is come back in as quickly as possible!

Would you ever go see a movie alone? Probably not. Not that I would mind being on my own, but I'm a home buddy so I'd rather wait and get the DVD or watch it on Netflix in the comfort of my home :P

Favourite online shop? I've tried buying clothes online and it was a disaster - nothing fit me right. I don't buy that much stuff online, but I do like Sephora and Amazon.

Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time? nah that's pretty much it :P

That's all for this tag! Hope you all enjoyed reading it! I tag everyone who hasn't done it yet to do it also on their blog. If you do, go ahead and post it in the comments! I'd love to read yours :)

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