Saturday, 24 January 2015

Crazy Food Tag

Hey everyone! Here comes another tag! I've been slacking and not posting these for a while, but I had them all written down and everything for you. Here's another one that is pretty old by new, but since I love food so much I thought I would post it anyway. This one is for all the other food lovers that are reading this, hope you all enjoy and I tag you all to do it as well!

♥ Questions ♥
1. What food could you eat everyday? Sushi and probably ramen
2. What's your favorite restaurant? That's a really tough choice! If I'm really treating myself then I would say Yasuda in NYC. If we're thinking local, I guess Kimono here in Quebec City. I also love Ramen Ya, Le Pied de Cochon and Kanda. Argh I can't choose!
3. What city has the best food you've ever had? NYC
4. What do you get on your sub? Lettuce and cucumber, pretty boring huh?
5. What do you get on your pizza? pepperoni, bacon and mushrooms
6. Is there a food you've always wanted to try? pumpkin pie! I think I might have had some when I was little, but I can't remember the taste 
7. Tell me about your worse restaurant experience. Having backpacked a lot, I've had quite a few aweful restaurant experiences and I can't remember one in particular that was the worst. There was also this place in my city which does Libanese food. First off, the authenticity was severely lacking (Lebanese place serving brown gravy anyone? Also the execution was terrible. I can remember distinctly how much my mom was appalled by the placed even being called Lebanese - not that I'm an expert or anything, but this place is really bad people)
8. Who's a better cook; your mom or dad? My mom does most of the cooking
9. What is one food you just fail at making? Eggs over easy, I always break the yolks -_-
10. Name your least favorite foods. raw tomatoes, tapioca (or rice pudding) and relish
11. Raw or cooked veggies? Both!
12. How do you like your steak? Rare
13. Do you enjoy cooking or baking better? I love the idea of baking, but I'm not that into sweets, so in reality I much prefer cooking. 
14. What's your fav fast food place & can you name 5 items off of the menu? A&W! And no I don't think I can name 5 things because I always order the same thing, the Mozza burger :)
15. Name a food place you wish was closer to you. All the ramen shops in NYC ♥ Also I wish there was a good Lebanese restaurant closer. I really miss it since I used to eat it all the time back home.
16. Ultimate fav desert. Cheesecake
17. What food do you gravitate more towards at a party or get together? Bread XD I have a serious problem with bread, I simply cannot stop eating it.
18. Favorite food to eat at Christmas? Meat pie :)
19. What's the first food that comes to mind... NOW? Tikka Masala chicken, because that's what's cooking in the slow cooker at the moment and it smells delicious in here.
20. Do you have any weird food habits? I like to put pepper in my soup for some reason. Other than that nothing I think.
21. What holiday is your favorite for food? Definitely Christmas
22. What's one food you would NEVER try? Anything pertaining to bugs, yuck :/
23. Do you know your best friends favorite food? Well I'm not sure he has a favorite food per say, but he's a huuuuge fan of ramen.
24. What's the best thing your mom makes? That's a tough one! I love her stew, her gumbo sandwiches, her glazed carrots, her lasagna, her lemon chicken, her banana bread, There's too many to choose from :p
25. What's your favorite style of eggs: Scrambled, boiled, poached, over easy or sunny side up? Over easy all the way for me
26. Name your favorite restaurant that closed down. The steakhouse where I got engaged and went to my three first valentine's day with the boyfriend closed a few years ago and I was really bummed out about it. Not only was it a place filled with memories for us, but the food and service was also great. At home I'm not much of a red meat eater, but I do enjoy a good steak when we eat out and they did a great fillet mignon. They even had a kick ass cheese fondue one year. I really miss the place.
27. Do you like your bread toasted light or dark? Light!  I prefer when it's still quite soft and not too crunchy.
28. Do you like spicy food? I love it dearly :)
29. Seafood? Nom ♥ I've discovered a very fond love for scallops recently!
30. First food that comes to mind that is green? Asparagus


That's all for this food tag! Hope you all enjoyed and have a wonderful week!

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