Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Huge NYC Beauty Haul, Project 10$/Week Update + 500 Posts

First up, I'd like to say this is my 500th post! Woohoo! Who knew I'd get to 500? I certainly did not expect that! I'm so happy with what this blog has become in the last few years and looking forward to many many more blog posts! So this 500th post will be a haul, hope you all enjoy :)

So we went to NYC last week and I did a little bit of shopping there. There were quite a few good deals and I found products I just cannot get my hands on here. We went to Ulta and the Elf store as well as other drugstores and beauty supply stores. Here's all I got :

While we're at it, why not make this a Project 10$/Week update as well! This is the equivalent of 16 weeks of makeup (I know I've been super bad T_T) which brings us to 43 weeks. I'm a little indebted on my total right now, but I think I've had my fix for a little while so I'm not too worried about sticking to it!

Other than that, my other goals were to :

1) Avoid buying Lush until my birthday or I ran out of all my products. Status : Failed
I couldn't resist getting fresh masks every now and then, oh well!

2) Avoid buying Bath and Body Works until my birthday or I ran out of all my products. Status : Success
I have since gotten a few things, but not before my birthday :)

3) Wait until after my birthday to get the Alex 9 Drawers from IKEA. Status : Success
Still haven't got it, but I'm planning to do it very soon! My makeup needs a new bigger home. :)

That's all I got for you all today. Are there any of these products that you would like to see a review on? Let me know and I'll be happy to oblige!


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