Saturday, 23 November 2013

Fall Series : What I Eat in a Day

Hello everyone! For some reason, I'm always super interested in knowing what other people eat on an everyday basis. I often read Anna Saccone's What I ate Wednesday and I always thought that it was a fun concept so today I decided to share what I typically eat in a day during the fall months!


I usually have breakfast around 7 am when I have school. I always like a cup or two of coffee with my berry smoothie to help me start off my day. If you're interested in knowing how I make my everyday berry smoothie check out my recipe here.

 Next, this is the kind of lunch I will be having if I'm coming back home from school. I could show you lunches that I bring at school if any of you is interested as well. This is a grilled cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread with tomato based veggie soup, perfect for cool fall days!

 My last meal of the day varies according to my mood. Today, I felt like cooking so I made a salad with tuna on a 9 grain wrap. In case you're curious, my usual salad contains lettuce, a bit of sharp cheddar cheese, a quarter of an avocado, marinated roasted red peppers, sugar snap peas and cucumbers. It's my favorite!


To make my life easier, I took a picture of all the snacks I had today instead of snapping a picture every time. I like to have a variety of things for snacks, but I'm big on fruits a lot of the time. Today I had a strawberry-chocolate yogurt with granola, one mandarin, a cup of peach applesauce and a red plum. I also had 2,5 liters of water (5 bottles of water during the day) and a few cups of ginseng Oolong tea.


That's all I eat on a typical day! Obviously my meals do vary so if you're interested for me to do this more often, let me know!

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