Thursday, 28 November 2013

Cover Girl Clump Crush Mascara (Water Resistant Formula) Review and Pictures

Hey everyone! Today I have a mascara review to share with you all. I will be reviewing the Clump Crusher Mascara by Cover Girl! If you've been following me for a while, you probably already know how I feel about this mascara since I'm constantly raving about it, but today I decided I would go more into specifics as to why I love it so much. This way you all will have a better idea of whether or not this mascara would suit your lashes and your tastes! 

Along with the review, I have included before and after pictures of my lashes using the mascara to help you visualize what results you can get when using the mascara. Keep in mind though that my lashes are quite straight, sparse, relatively short and have a tendency to grow in odd directions. Therefore, I don't have nicest lashes to begin with, which means if you naturally have long lushious lashes, this mascara would probably wield even better results for you! Anyway, let's get on with the review! :)

Formula : on the dry side
Packaging : Plastic green matte tube, slightly domed in the middle. Not the prettiest in my opinion, but stays quite clean looking even after owning it a few months.
Brush : Medium sized with somewhat short, but firm plastic bristles that will easily get to the base of the lashes and grab every single lash . It's a little bit curved.
Ease of removal : Not too much trouble when using a oil-free makeup remover.
Price : 6.96$ CAD at Walmart

Before and After

Does it
Smudge? Not the water resistant formula that I use no. Cannot say for the regular kind.

Clump? Almost none. Obviously if you add 5+ coats it might start to smudge a bit, especially if you've had the mascara for a while (more than a few weeks), but other than that it's very buildable and you can layer it on without fearing for clumps. It definitely lives up to its name for me.

Define? Yes it really separates every lashes giving a nice defined look to the lashes.

Hold a curl? Yes

Lengthen? Yes

Add volume? Yes, quite a lot of it, but it's the clump free kind, which is nice if that's what your looking for.

Is it really water resistant? More or less. It cannot withstand warm water (will run and stick to the skin underneath your eyes), but won't move around during the day if you have oily lids or if your eyes water or get misted by rain or snow.

Would purchase again?
Yes, it's my holy grail mascara and the only one I have been using since last January.  It's the only mascara that really gives me all I want for my straight, short, sparse and every-direction growing lashes.

You will love it if you like rubber bristle brushes, curved brushes, clump-free volume, separated/defined looking lashes. For reference, other mascaras that I love include The Colossal and The Falsies by Maybelline.

Grade : A+

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