Friday, 4 October 2013

Colored Gradient Brow Tutorial

Hey everyone! Lately I've been really into filling in my brows. It's a totally new thing for me, since I never used to do it. Now that I've started doing it, I always feel like my face looks incomplete unless I fill my brows in a little bit. SO I've been practicing and playing around with brow looks in the past few months.

I also started doing more elaborate brow painting for my colorful looks. One thing that I really like to do and that really adds to the drama of my inspired makeup looks is a colored or gradient brow. At first I wasn't sure how to proceed with this, but with a little trial and error I have found a technique that works pretty well for me. Today I'm going to share a tutorial I made on how to achieve colored or gradient brows! Check out some of the looks I have made using this technique : Princess Celestia, The Little Mermaid

What you will need

♥ White Base, I'm using NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
♥ Eye shadow(s) of your choice
♥ A small flat shading brush and an angled liner or brow brush
♥ Cotton Swabs
♥ Eye Makeup remover


1) Apply the white base all over your brow.
2) Clean around the edges using a cotton swab.
3) Using the flat shading brush pat on your darkest eye shadow.
4) If you're going for a one color brow, skip this step. Next, using the angled brush, pat on the lighter shadow on the outer part of the brow only and blend lightly until you get a gradient effect.
5) Using a cotton bud and makeup remover, clean around your brow to shape it. You can also use the angled brush with more of the dark shadow to help redefine the edges.


That's all! You now have a cool looking gradient/colored brow. Easy isn't it? Let me know how you liked this tutorial in the comments!

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