Friday, 18 October 2013

Darling Girl Cosmetics Loose Shadows Swatch Fest

Hey everyone! Today I thought I would share my swatches of all the Darling Girl Cosmetics loose shadows that I own. They are my favorite brand of shadows at the moment. Anyway, enjoy the swatches! Also, let me know if you would like to see makeup looks using any of these colors :)

 Curious Crocus, Lucky, Morbid Angel 

 Chimera, Coco Loco, Beluga Bebe, O RLY?

 Sirena, Impervious, Sultry Siren, Scarab

 Rhapsody, Groovology, Basket Case, Alright Ma!

 Hope, My Little Pony, Obviously a Wig, Nightwatch, Incognito

London Calling, Dark Heart, Dark Crystal, Bio-Exorcist

Note : Some of the pinks and purples will stain. You can somewhat see the pink stain leftover from the last swatches on my hand on the last picture.


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