Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Updated Makeup Storage/Organization

Hey everyone! If you've been following my Facebook page recently, you probably know that I have moved to a new apartment at the end of June. So far, I love this new place so much and I have lots more space and light now :)

Just before I moved, I got a new vanity to store all my makeup (you might already have seen a picture of my preliminary setup at the old apartment on Facebook). Now I have it all organised and I also have better lighting! I'm really excited about the set up and the way I organised everything so I thought I would show you.

All my makeup fits in the vanity's drawer. In the drawer unit, I store hair products, tools and accessories as well as bracelets, extra skin care, etc.

That's my makeup collection in its entirety. I divide everything using small plastic baskets of different shapes and sizes. Lips stuff is on the far left, then eye makeup is in the middle and finally face makeup is on the right.

As you can see, I store all my lipsticks upright so that I can find them easily. I used to stack them on top of each other, but I had to dig through every time I was looking for something and I would forget about some of the products I had. The bins in the back are filled with products that I reach for less often. 

I keep all my makeup brushes in 3 different cups. I have one for my face brushes (furthers back), one for my eye brushes and one for the brushes with a short handle (mostly Eco Tools brushes). I also use a small plain drinking glass to store my pencils and liners.

I use a decorative glass plate to display my most used skin care and body sprays. I use a cute floral napkin holder to store my large eye shadow palettes. As you can see, I also like to keep a box of tissues on my vanity to wipe off my brushes or any mistakes that I may make while applying makeup.

Finally, I use another decorative glass bowl to keep my earrings.


Where I got everything

♥ I got the vanity, the mirror, the chair, the cushion, the lace brush holder and all the decorative plates as well as my palette holder (which is a napkin holder in reality) at Ikea so I think that most of you could probably have access to it if you wanted to recreate a set up similar to mine.

♥ I got all the dividing baskets and both plastic brush holders at the dollar store.

♥ I got the lighting fixture at Canadian Tire, but I've seen similar ones at Walmart and Ikea.

♥ I got the rainbow drawer unit at Costco and you can easily find it online on amazon or ebay.


That's my whole makeup set up! Let me know what you think of it and how you store yours!

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