Sunday, 11 August 2013

DIY : Earring for Sensitive Ears

Hey everyone! Today i'm back with a cool DIY idea that I've come up with recently. It's super easy and it has completely changed my life! (At least in terms of being able to wear earrings again!) I know many of you out there might have this issue as well : I cannot wear jewelry that isn't made of real gold. I can tolerate necklaces and bracelets if they're not too tight (I can't do watches for example), but rings and earrings that aren't gold are a no-go for me. My ears swell up, become itchy and red in a matter of minutes unless I wear gold earrings.

It's especially annoying because I really like costume jewelry. If I were to buy a pair of hoops made of real gold, I'd have to shell out at least 75$ if not more, which is definitely over my budget! So I thought of a way to make cheap costume jewelry wearable for me and others that have the same issue! If you want to know how I do it, keep reading :)

I got these for 1,50$ each at Ardène. Normally I would never be able to wear them, but with this quick DIY project, I can now have super cute earrings!

What you will need

- Square Flat Nose Pliers*
- Round Nose Pliers*
- Inexpensive pair of earrings, preferably gold in color (I couldn't find white gold hooks, so all my hook are gold in color, meaning it matches gold earring better. You could use them for silver colored earring too though). It needs to be hook earrings. Studs or hoops won't work with this technique .
- A pair of 10 carat gold earring hooks. I got mine at a local jewelry making supply store. They were 5$ a pair so this pair of earrings cost me 6,50$ pretty good right?

* You can get these in jewelry making supply store or online. 

Step 1
Using the flat pliers, open the metal part of the hook that isn't melded into the rest of the metal. It should be on the loop at the bottom of the hook, close to where the hook attaches to the earring. You should then be able to remove the original hook from the rest of the earring.

Step 2
Open the loop of the gold hook the same way you did the other, using the flat pliers. 

Step 3
Now that the gold hook is open you can slide it the opening into the earring. Make sure to place it so that once the hook goes into your ear, the earring is facing the right way.

Step 4
Lastly, using the round nose pliers, close the loop of the hook so that the hook is now securely attached to the earring.

The results
 And that's it! It's super easy and now you can wear inexpensive earrings without getting uncomfortable reactions! I'm so glad I thought of this! I can't stop buying earrings now :P


I hope this helps and that you liked this quick DIY post! Let me know in the comments if you try this! ♥

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  1. I stopped wearing earings because I have the same problem! You're a genius =)
    Where did you buy the hook?

    1. I got the hooks at Club Beads (near métro Jarry). I think you could get them online, but all the ones I found looked sketchy (like they weren't really real gold and stuff).



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