Saturday, 17 August 2013

Summer Recipe : White Peach Sangria

Hello everyone! I haven't posted a recipe on here in a super long time. Sorry about that, I'm not cooking as much lately because of school so I don't have so many recipes to share. Today, I have a fun summer cocktail recipe to share, perfect for those hot nights when you feel like celebrating. It's a sweet Peach Nectar and white wine Summer Sangria. It's refreshing, it's sweet and it's super festive, I love it!

- 700 ml of Peach Nectar
- 1L of Dry White Wine
- 2 medium peaches, peeled and diced
- a handful of raspberries
-1/2 cup of sugar
- the juice of two medium sized lemons
- Ice cubes
- A few leaves of mint

How to
1) In a large pitcher, combine the peach Nectar, White Wine, lemon juice and sugar.
2) Stir using a wooden or plastic spoon until the sugar is dissolved.
3) Peel and dice the peaches and wash the raspberries. Add it into the Sangria.
4) Chop coarsely the mint and also add it to the Sangria.
5) Add the ice cubes, serve and enjoy!


Would you try this white peach sangria recipe? Let me know in the comments!

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