Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Beginner Series : Applying False Lashes in 10 Easy Steps

Hey everyone! Today, I'm back with another advice post for beginners : how to apply fake lashes. Many girls (including me) struggle with applying false lashes at first. With a little practice I've developed a few tips and tricks to make my life easier so I'm sharing them with you today!

What you need
- Tweezers
- Eyelash Glue
- Fake lashes
- Black gel or liquid liner
- An object that you can put glue on. I use a concealer.


Choosing your lash glue 

Brand : The first thing to keep in mind when buying a an eyelash adhesive is the brand. Not all brands perform equally therefore choosing a high quality glue will give you better results.

Eye Sensitivity : Some brands can be irritating for your eyes. In my experience, the glue sometimes included with Ardell lashes does this, it stings my eyes so it doesn't work for me.

Color : Lash glues come in either clear or black. If you are a beginner, it's easiest to stick to clear to avoid getting black glue all over your lid while you work on getting them placed correctly.

With all of this said, my favorite glue is the Duo Clear Eyelash Glue.  It's fairly around the 6$.


Applying False Lashes in ten steps

1. Finish your makeup look as you normally would with liner and mascara.

Apply some glue on your chosen object. Let it sit for ~30 seconds until it becomes a bit tacky.
3. Pick up the lashes with tweezers and apply the glue uniformly onto the lash band.

4. Before applying, hold the lashes in front of your eye and adjust the lashes' placement.

5. Once you have adjusted the placement, stick the middle portion of the lash on the center of your lid as close as possible to your lash line. Then, stick both ends as well.

6. Adjust the lashes while the glue is still wet to ensure proper placement.

7. Let it sit for 10-15 seconds.

8. Using your thumb and index finger, press the lashes with your own natural lashes to ensure that they blend well with your lashes and that they are secure.

9. Let the glue dry for a couple minutes. It should become clear mostly clear, but it may affect the look of your eyeliner underneath. No worries, we can fix it with a little eye liner.
10. Make sure that the lash band is hidden by applying liner wherever the band is noticeable.

Removing the lashes

The best way to remove lashes is with makeup remover and a cotton bud. I advise against pulling them off since it can damage the sensitive skin on your eyes as well as your natural lashes. 

To remove lashes, I saturate a cotton bud with makeup remover. Then, I hold it at the base of my lashes for a few seconds so that the makeup remover has time to loosen the glue. After that, I carefully rotate the cotton bud near my lash line until the lashes come off on their own. Here is a little video showing the technique I use.

The video quality isn't all that great, sorry about that!
Gotta figure out how to work my camera's video mode.


Caring for your lashes

If you plan on reusing your lashes more than once (which I usually do), you need to care for your fake lashes in order to keep them nice and in good shape. Here are a few tips to help you make sure that you care for your lashes well.

- Don't pull off the lashes. It can be damaging your your sensitive eye area as well as the lashes.
- Try to avoid putting mascara over the lashes. Apply mascara beforehand.
- Remove any glue that is stuck to the lash band using tweezers.
- Keep your lashes in their original packaging when you store them.


That's all for this advice post! I hope it helps and that you enjoyed this :) Let me know in the comments if you'd like to see more beginner posts and what you'd like to see!

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