Friday, 3 February 2012

Updated : What's in my purse?

I did this tag about a year ago now and I just got a new purse so now is a good time to do an updated version! This is what I usually keep in my purse when I'm not in school. Enjoy :)

First here is the purse I am currently using :

Yep, another Hello Kitty handbag :P
Now let's see what's inside!

1- Flash light 
2- Gum
3- Nintendo DS Lite (pink :D) in it's carrying case
4- Hair clips
5- Cold Medicine
6- Tissues
7- Keys
8- Pen
9- Wallet
10- Oil Absorbing sheets

11- Sunglasses in their case
12- Camera case (camera is currently in use :P)
13- Kindle with it's cover
14- Eye glasses in their case
15- Card Holder

16- Antibacterial gel
17- Coin purse
18- EOS Lip Balm
19- Ibuprofen
20- Travel miror
21- Hello Kitty Stickers
22- Hair ties
23- Travel hair brush
This purse contains a lot! I love it :) Tell me what you keep in your purse in the comments :D


  1. Aww I love your purse. great stuff you've got in there. Thanks for the snoop ;)

  2. I love what's in my purse posts :D thanks for reading! <3

  3. That's a very fun post! =)

    I've got three random questions:
    1- Where did you get that lip balm? I see people using it a lot, but I don't know where to get it!
    2- Why do you carry stickers with you?
    3- Why do you have a wallet, a card holder and a coin purse? Wouldn't it be simpler if you put everything in a wallet?

    Also, I HAVE to try your oreo cupcakes!!!!!!! The recipe looks so easy!

  4. I got the lipbalm at Walgreens in Las Vegas, but recently I've seen it in Jean-Coutu here, so maybe you can find it now!

    I have stickers because a lady in China town gave them to me because I bought tons of stuff in her store XD I just never got them out of there lol

    about all the wallets/coin purses etc, it's probably overkill :P the wallet holds random store fidelity cards and since I can't keep change in there because it's going to fall out I have a coin purse. In the card holder I have all my most used card so it's easier to put the card holder in my pockets when I don't want to bring a purse.



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