Friday, 3 February 2012

Best of 2011

So I saw Macbarbie07 on Youtube launching this tag and I thought I would do it myself since I haven't made a favorites post in forever! These are my fave products of 2011.

Foundation: Maybelline Pure Makeup
Concealer: Don't have one
Powder: N.Y.C. bronzer in Sunny
Blush: Rimmel blush in Pink Sugar
Eyeshadow: Stila in the lights Palette
Eyeliner/Mascara: Stila Smudge stick in Damsel/Maybelline The Falsies mascara
Lip product: Hard Candy Glossaholic - Tipsy
Skincare product: Clean n Clear Persa Gel-5
Nail polish: ACO Polish - Neon Pink

Shampoo: Aussie Moist Shampoo (not pictured, I ran out X_X)
Conditioner: Aussie 3 minute miracle
Hairspray: Don't use any
Shine serum: Chi Silk Infusion

Favorite Clothing piece: Dark wash jeggins with zippers on the sides
Jewelry piece: Arwen Evenstar pendant
Shoes: Grey flat booties
Bag: Grey Hello Kitty tote

Movie/TV Show: How to train your dragon/The big bang theory, New Girl, How I met your mother, Modern Family
Song: Guitar Hero - Dougal & Gammer (link)
Book: The lost Symbol - Dan Brown
Food: Temakizushi, Hello Panda and YanYan cookies
Beverage: Nestea Zero


  1. I love your jeggins! Were did you get them?

  2. Garage! dunno if they still have that exact model, but they got a ton of different styles. Just got some grey ones and they are so comfy. I haven't bought an actual pair of jeans ever since I bought these!

  3. Ils ont l'air d'être de bonne qualité aussi, puisque tu les portes aussi souvent et qu'ils sont encore beaux! Je vais aller faire un tour un garage!

    ps. I love the new way to post comments better than the old one!



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