Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Boquete Outdoor Adventures

Boquete Outdoor Adventures in Panama is an agency that organizes group activities, we book most of our activities through them after reading great reviews on Trip advisor and we were not disappointed. The name describes our experience in Boquete perfectly, it was filled with outdoor fun and exhilarating experiences.

On our first day to Boquete, we shopped for a good travel agency with safe and inexpensive tours to book the activities we wanted to do. we ended up settling for Boquete Outdoor Adventures like I mentionned earlier. The first activity we booked was white water rafting, which to be honnest terified me. It ended up being lots of fun! It took about 2h30 for our raft to navigate the rapids, with a short stop for a sandwich buffet lunch on a black sand beach midway. The rapids were class 2-3-4, which wasn't very extreme, but it was exhilarating nonetheless! I loved every minute of it, it was definitely worth it and much less scary than I anticipated. The tour included transportation to the river, lunch and all equipment for 75$ per person, not bad!

We booked an expedition to the Baru Volcano on the next day. We were warned several times prior to booking that it was a difficult and strenuous hike, they weren't lying. We started hiking in the dark night at 5 am and by 5:15 pm, we were just coming down the trail to the car. Overall, the whole thing took us about 12 hours, with one hour rest at the top for lunch. We hiked 26 km up and down the volcano, aided by walking sticks to make it a little easier on ourselves. It was very rewarding to complete this hike and the view from the top was breath taking! Today, everything hurts and I have the worst sunburn on my nose (think swollen blisters =S I look like Frankeinstein), but it was worth the pain! This expedition included transportation to the mountain, lunch, water, snacks and a guide for 75$ per person.

We intend on booking a rock climbing expedition for tomorrow, which should be a lot of fun as well! For today though, since we're strained from yesterday's hike, we are resting in our comfy hostel room and will probably go to the lavanderia because all of our clothes are dirty! So far, Boquete is an amazing town, with a cool climate, friendly people, cheap food and hostels and beautiful views. We will probably stay here a couple more days before heading back to Costa Rica to go on a coffee farm tour and perhaps to some hot springs! We might also book the Island tour offered by Boquete Outdoor Adventures! It looks beautiful and relaxing, we could use some of that ;)

Btw, I don't have pictures of the rafting, because obviously the camera would have gotten wet, so it's all Volcano Baru pictures and some pictures from our failed attempt  at the CafĂ© Ruiz farm visit (we arrived 10 minutes after the last tour so we ended up having a coffee and leaving instead).

So far so good! Boquete Outdoor Adventures was definitely a good choice and we are having a great time here in Boquete :)


  1. WOW, those pictures are crazy (crazy as in beautiful/amazing) :D !!!!!!!
    Goof job for that 12 hours hike under the sun btw... I would have died halfway I think -_-

  2. good*

    Sorry, I HAD to correct it =P

  3. I would have too if we didn't have a guide with us! Strangely though, coming down was a lot worse than coming up =O

  4. It must have killed your knees =S



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