Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Big daddy's grill & patio [Travel review]

Staff/Service : The food always came out really quickly and all the staff members were really nice, from the girl who took our order, to the cook (and owner I'm pretty sure) who often came out to chat with us! We were always well received there :)

Food : The food was absolutely amazing, everything we tried on the menu was great! You could tell that a lot of thought has been put in developing the recipes for each dishes and the ingredients used are always really fresh. We experienced fish & chips, corn dogs, tuna burgers and onion rings like we never did before!

Price : Not too expensive, about 5-7$ per plate, a little more for the tuna steak burger (which was totally worth it!) The portions are big and the quality of the food is of the high standard. They have specials on alcohol when it's raining : the local beer is 75 cents and the house wine is 1.50$ per glass, great deal!

This is another restaurant which I needed to mention because we spent so much time there! We kept going back every day because we wanted to try more stuff from the menu because everything tasted so great! I really love this place =D

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