Friday, 1 July 2011

Hostel Balboa Bay - Panama City

Hostel Balboa Bay review and description! Hope it helps :)

Although our stay there ended up being just fine, this wasn't our first choice. In fact, we rode a cab to over 4 other hostels which were full before we settled on this one.

Price : 35$ Per night for a private double (with a double bed and a single bed), with private bathroom, cold water, television, air conditioning and free breakfast cooked for you upon request.

Services/amenities : 5$ wifi, 2 computers available for free in the lobby.

Rooms : One thing you can safely say about the hostel Balboa bay's rooms is that they are was very spacious and clean. The bed was quite comfortable and the bathroom was clean (although it did have a second door leading to what appeared to be a second room which was a little odd - there was a lock on the door to make sure no one could get in though). The main issue with the room was that there was a big gaping hole in the ceiling, about  one and a half foot wide. Although there seemed to be nothing coming out of it, it still made us pretty uneasy.

Staff : The staff was polite, but not particularly chatty.

Overall, we enjoyed staying at Hostel Balboa Bay. It was a nice place and a pretty good deal considering all that was included in the price. The location, near the city centre was near shopping malls, but not in a very scenic neighbourhood. We could walk around just fine though, which is more that you can say about most Central American capitals.

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