Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Santa Elena (travel update)

We left San Jose on a four and a half hours bus ride to Monteverde/Santa Elena on monday. The ride was uneventful apart from the flat tire that left us stranded in a gas station for over one hour.

Upon our late arrival in Santa Elena, we checked into the pension Santa Elena and went out to a nearby pizza joint for dinner. (I got attacked by a huge moth there who bumped forcefully right into my face X| I hate moths) The pepperoni and cheese pizza we ordered was expensive (10$ for a small), but super tasty

The next morning we booked a 40$ zipline tour and left at 7:30 in the morning. (for the record 40$ for a zipline is quite cheap for Costa Rica, most zipline are around 65-70$ in other areas) It was the most amazing experience. Most of the lines were your basic, fast ride over the trees. It's fun, but it's nothing out of the ordinary and we went on a zipline tour two years ago which was the same exact thing. However, the last two lines, which were optional, really made this tour exceptional.

The gear is really flattering on me ;)

The first optional activity was the option to do the last line in an horizontal position instead of sitting like you normally would. They call it the superman because you  look like you are flying like superman. I was scared at first, but you feel like a bird flying across the jungle. It's incredible!

The last activity was what they call the Tarzan swing. It consists of a cable which you hold onto (you are also attached to it with a harness, otherwise the whole thing would be insane). You stand on a platform situation 150 feet above the ground. The idea is that while holding the cable, you let yourself free fall until the cable reaches it full length then you start swinging.

 I went first because I wanted to be able to take a video of Mathieu doing the jump afterwards. I'm glad I did. I don't think I would have wanted to do it if I had known what I was getting myself into. The experience was positively terrifying, but adrenaline filled and really amazing. It's a feeling like no other I ever had! :) I'm so glad I did it! I have a video of Mathieu on the Tarzan swing. It shows the whole thing better than I can explain it =p

After this, we went back to our hostel and cooked some amazing cheese and steak sandwiches before heading to the frog pond and the butterfly garden. We saw a bunch of species of both and learned a ton. It was a truly great day!

We are leaving Central America in just 8 days s we are trying to make the most out of the time we have left! I can hardly believe it's already almost over :O

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