Monday, 13 June 2011

Travel toiletries for backpacking

One of the most important parts of planning a backpacking trip is to make sure that you have everything you need to be comfortable while you travel. However, since you will be carrying everything in your backpack, toiletries and other items need to be carefully chosen, multi-purpose and compact. If you are traveling for a couple weeks, you will probably want to have a couple essentials handy.

Of course, most toiletries are available abroad and you can purchase pretty much everything once you arrive. I have, however, found it quite difficult (and/or) expensive to get travel-sized products while I was traveling which is why I prefer to leave prepared. Also,  if you like a particular product for your hair or face, chances are you won’t find it where you are going, so I like to pack minis of my favourites!

Here is all I’ve prepared to bring with me on my backpacking trip. I’ve divided the items into several categories for easy reading!

First are my body toiletries. We have my favourite soap, the Olay body wash in Vanilla Indulgence in a small container, then a travel-sized Aveno body moisturizer, deodorant, The Body Shop body butter and a pink washcloth!

Next are my face products. I am bringing a mini St-Yves apricot scrub, a Clean & Clear spot treatment, my face moisturizer which I put in a small Body Shop container and makeup wipes.

This is everything I bring for my hair. I have very long hair so I have two small bottles of my Aussie conditioner and one of my Trèssemmé shampoo. I’ve purchased empty generic travel containers and filled them with my products.  I also bring travel-sized baby powder to use as a dry shampoo and my Chi Silk Infusion which I cannot live without (no kidding my hair would probably look like straw without it). Of course, I also need a small brush and a wide tooth comb. The latter is essential for me since I’m not bringing any styling tools and unless I comb my hair while it’s wet (brushing wet hair is damaging) my hair won’t air dry properly.

That’s everything I need as far as hair removal while I travel : a disposable razor, travel-sized shaving cream and tweezers. As I said before you could skip the shaving cream and use conditioner instead, but my legs are sensitive so I like to have shaving cream with me.

These are all my teeth and lips toiletries (I couldn’t find a better suited name to describe them, it sounds a little awkward, please ignore that =p) I have my toothbrush in a travel case, my favourite travel sized tooth paste and lip balm with SPF.

This is all the makeup I intend on packing. The amount might get reduced though since I’m still undecided whether I should bring all my brushes, the foundation and the mascara (which isn’t waterproof btw, but since I’m definitely not going to wear it while I’m doing anything but going out to dinner and shopping, it doesn’t really matter *but it isn’t that useful either*). The large rectangle with white inscriptions is a big travel mirror  perfect for rooms and bathrooms in cheap hotels which do not have a proper mirror to get ready with.

These are all the items I need to keep my nails tidy. Two nail polishes, a file, nail polish remover pads and nail clippers.

Those are products that are needed for sun/bug protection and treatment. Of course, I also bring anti-malarial medication, but I would classify those as medication which I did not include in the post! Tell me if you’re interested to see what’s in my travel emergency first aid kit! The picture is pretty self-explanatory: I’m bringing SPF, insect repellent with 30% DEET and sting relief cream.

Finally here are the toiletries I’m bringing that are geared towards hygiene and disinfecting: wet Ones moist antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues and cotton buds.
These are all my travel toiletries! There is quite a bit in here, but remember that when you are backpacking, you do not have access to any products unless you stay in a high end hotel (which I won’t). Plus, I’m leaving for a month so I do need quite a bit a stuff =D

Would a clothing/first aid kit/misc items for backpacking post interest you guys? Let me know in the comments!  Also, if any of you has already traveled in the past, is there anything else you would bring that I did not mention?


  1. I love this post, its so complete and organized! =) Omg I didn't know that brushing wet hair was damaging... I've been doing it forever =S

    And,why do you bring 5 makeup brushes but only 2 eye shadows? I don't know a thing about makeup, but shouldn't it be the opposite? =S

  2. Thanks ^^ It took a while to divide everything into categories and take decent pictures =p

    I never knew either that you shouldn't brush your hair wet until recently, lol. Apparently it's because your hair is more prone to breaking when wet and combs are more gentle than brushes. I swear by my wide toothed comb now =p

    And yeah, the brushes might be a little overkill =p but I didn't want to divide the set and since they're travel sized it doesn't really matter. Plus, the two eyeshadows I brought are super versatile, the beige can be a highlight, lid color and inner corner color and the brown can be a crease color, a liner or a under the eye color (which means I could use all the brushes with just those two colors for different purposes) ^^ Since I don't want to break my eyeshadows too, I didn't think it would be a good idea to bring more =D

    Anyway, I'm on the bus to NYC now, can't wait to post the first pictures!



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