Sunday, 5 June 2011

New camera : Samsung PL121 in Pink ♥

I was looking for a new camera for a while now because my other one was not only very old, but also damaged. (My cat peed on it, and no I'm not kidding =/) It still worked after I cleaned it, but it was not only gross but also never quite worked the same afterwards.

So since I've been blogging quite a bit lately, and because I'm leaving for a backpacking trip in a little over 2 weeks I decided it was time for me to get a new one!

What I was looking for :

1) A better image quality (I had a 8,1 mpx and wanted a significant improvement)
2) A large back display
3) A light and portable model
4) A front display
5) A cool color =p

What I ended up getting : The Samsung PL121

- 14,2 mpx
- 5X optical zoom
- Front display and large back display
- HD camera
- It's pink! ♥

The front display is invisible when it's not open! How crafty =o The finish is also chrome which is really cute even though it does get dirty quickly.

This is the large back display. The picture is blurry because of course I had to use my old camera one last time to take pictures of the new one ^^

Mwhahaha you can see me in the display :P 
Here you can see the front display =D How cool is it? I will be able not to look awkward when I take self portraits! Another plus is that you can see what the person who photographs you sees, which mean if you are like me and make weird poses every time someone points a camera at you, you can now see it before the picture is taken and take a better pose =p

Anyhow, I haven't taken that many pictures with it yet, but so far I really like the quality. It deals with situations that have a bad lighting much better than my old one and the modes are easy to understand and use! I cannot wait to start using it to take beach/jungle pictures!


  1. I didn't even know cameras with front display existed...-_- That is awesome!! I need to change my camera soon also...I've had it for more than 4 years and the poor thing has been through a lot (I dropped in hundreds of times...). =)

  2. I had no idea either until recently! XD I was really amazed when I found out, I think it's quite recent that you can get that feature in a point and shoot. lol I keep dropping mine too -_- it was really starting to work terribly! What kind of camera do you want?

  3. Yep love the front display as well. GIMME THAT

  4. Hi, i've been planning to buy this camera. do you think i should? how's the camera and video? can you upload your review on it? Thanks! :D

  5. Sure, I'd be happy to make a more in depth review about it :)



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