Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Getting to Costa Rica

Getting to Costa Rica was quite the journey. I've just arrived to San Jose (well it's been a couple hours now) and we are relaxing in our room tonight so I thought I would update you all on how the trip is going so far! I'll also post two hotel/hostel reviews afterwards ^^

We took the bus for N.Y.C. monday morning to catch our flight leaving from the La Guardia Airport. The reason we chose to transit through New York (and why we always travel this way) is because flights leaving from Montreal are very expensive in comparison. It is actually much cheaper to pay bus tickets and plane tickets from New York than to leave directly from Montreal. It does take quite a bit longer though, but we are not in a hurry so we don't really mind.

We took the Express for N.Y.C and 8 hours and a lunch stop in Albany (which was suprisingly tasty) later we were in New York. We had reserved an hotel room at the Fairfield Inn Mariott Astoria (I'll add a review soon) and we were tired so we decided to get directly there by cab. The ride ended up costing 37$ because the taxi driver wouldn't use his GPS (grumble), but it was quick enough.

We went for dinner at a nice italian pizza place near the hotel (the Portobello pizzeria) which was really yummy and cheap =D and spent the evening just hanging out in our room.

I look incredibly tired here :P

The next morning we grabbed the shuttle for LGA and we got on an early flight to Charlotte because the plane was almost empty! (Yay =D airports are boring) The flight to San Jose was pretty pleasant, but we had some mild turbulences. I'm nervous while flying so I was freaking out! But in the end everything was fine  ^^ We knew it might be raining when we would be getting to Costa Rica (it's the rainy season after all) so we we're prepared for this :

Gladly I had packed our rain coats on the top of our bags!

When we arrived it was raining (apparently it rains everyday for an hour or two) so we headed directly to our hostel, the Pangea! That's how far we've got now! Getting to Costa Rica took a while, but we're glad that we are here now and that every thing went according to plan.

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