Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Weekend in Ottawa, Endless Summer and Dunn’s restaurant review

My boyfriend, his friend and myself went to Ottawa last weekend. My boyfriend was booked for a gig in a club called Maverick for the event Endless Summer (he is an electronic music dj ^^) there so we all decided to make a weekend thing out of it.

This is the club =)

We took a Greyhound bus to get there and 2h30 hours later we were in Ontario! We first went for coffee in a cute coffee-shop we found near the bus stop. I had my first Chai iced tea (it was awesome ), my boyfriend had a double espresso (apparently it was very very strong lol) and his friend had a huge black coffee.

My Chai Iced tea and the very strong espresso ♥

After that we went out for dinner at Dunn’s. The restaurant was almost empty which made us suspicious right away. Dunn’s wasn’t our first choice, but the restaurant we wanted to eat at (a texas grill place) was completely full with a 30 minutes wait for a table. We thought it couldn’t be that bad and it wasn't THAT bad, but I have to say that overall the experience wasn’t great.

This is the Dunn's we went to

First of all, the waitress seemed really annoyed that we were slow to order, which to be fair might have been our fault. Since we don't know their menu and we are not used to ordering in English, we were a little confused and slow at first. Then, every time we would tell her something from the kitchen wasn’t right (it happened twice) she seemed increasingly fed up with us. I’ve never had a waitress get impatient because I told her something I ordered wasn’t right, it’s not like we we’re being rude either we were very polite about it. =O

First we ordered two appetizer plates : bbq chicken wings and hot chicken wings. The bbq wings were great, but the hot ones were raw, cold and bloody inside. Knowing how many bacteria there is in raw chicken this is obviously unacceptable for a restaurant, so we asked her to put it back in the oven for us. After that the wings were fine, but my boyfriend felt ill all evening afterwards.

 We then ordered ribs, which were good if a little dry. We had a choice of two sides with that and I chose fries and fried mushrooms. Our friend, on the other hand chose double fries, but was served only a couple fries more than I did. He asked why double fries wasn't actually a double portion of the fries and of course that really annoyed our waitress. Oh well =s

My ribs and fried mushrooms

Anyway the food wasn’t all that bad, but the cooking and service wasn’t very good. I don’t think I would return! Plus, the food was really expensive.

Our friend brought his huge Quebec flag to Ottawa, yes he did. XD Kept things interesting!

My boyfriend and I at the restaurant. I'm so pale and the picture does not even wash me out O_O

We finally went to the party and had a good time then returned the next day! I was a pretty good weekend overall even if the food wasn’t great!

My boyfriend mixing =D Yay for Dj Matduke ♥ His set was amazing

I've added a video of a little bit of his set! The sound quality isn't very great, but it's fun anyway ♥

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