Friday, 11 April 2014

Spring 2014 : Life and Updates

Hey everyone! Sorry I have missed a few days of blogging in the last week! I hope you all weren't looking forward to posts by me too much *probably not, lol*! I've been busy with end of trimester exams and a trip to Toronto, so I'm a little late on blogging! Since I'm already late in posting and since I don't have time to blog right away yet, I tought I would quickly update you on how I've been doing. I haven't done that in the longest time it seems!

On the school front, I'm now almost done with my third year of pharmacy. (well not quite, since I have a full summer semester ahead of me, but you know, more than halfway done :P). We've had our grad pictures taken, and almost all theoretical classes are done. We have a lot of internships to do now and it's keeping me quite busy, but I do love it very much! I had exams this weeks and I will be finishing this trimester with three weeks at a local hospital. I'm very nervous about it, but it's going to be interesting as it is the first time I'm going to be at the hospital.

On the personal front, well I don't have time to do much since I'm working in a pharmacy part time now (I love my job! I have really great coworkers!). We went for a week end in Toronto recently, which was fantastic! I got to see my closest friend Frederika from French Gypsy (loveeee ♥) which I hadn't seen in forever, so that rocked. We also went to a electronic music event (that's just a fancy way to say we went to a rave :P)  where many of my all time favorite artists were dj-ing or performing (Force, Darren Styles, Jenna, Mc Whizzkid and Fracus). It was incredible and we had lots of fun! (it was called Heart of Gold 3 in case anyone is interested). Frederika who is also an amazing photographer did a mini photoshoot for me while I was there featuring a makeup look that I did. The photos came out pretty amazing if I do say so myself! She's really incredible, you should check her out!

By far the best ramen I had in a long time! We went for lunch at a ramen shop in Toronto and it was out of this world

Yummy takoyaki we had in Toronto

I told you Frederika was great right? amazing picture, I loveee it!

My cat keeping me company while I study ♥

That's pretty much what happened recently. Not exactly a ton of stuff, but yeah, I've been super busy with school so that's taking most of my time! Hope this was interesting! Let me know if you'd like to see updates more often!



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