Saturday, 11 January 2014

Project 10$ a week 2014

Hey everyone! Since the new year has started recently, I've seen lots of people talking about new year resolutions and whatnot. Every year I consider the option to make new year resolutions, but I've never been one to make them, mostly because I hate saying I'll do something unless I'm 100% sure that I'll see it through. Therefore, I don't like the idea of making a resolution and then abandoning it later.

This year though, I have decided to start a project, which is not really a resolution per say, but I guess it could count as one. I decided to give myself a 10$ per week allowance to buy makeup. (which can be accumulated over the weeks to buy more expensive products for example).

The reason behind this is because I have accumulated a lot of makeup in 2013, so much that it barely fits into my vanity anymore. It's not that I'm spending that much (because I always buy things on sale or clearance), but it's more that I think I just have too much stuff lying around now. I think it would be nice for me to take the time to think about things that I really want and that I would enjoy rather than impulse buying 2-3$ items all the time.

What I'm trying to say is, I'd like to focus on quality over quantity this year. By giving myself a 10$ allowance per week, it will help me take my time to choose products that I really want and also make me wait a little to get them. Anyway, I think this could really help me reign in my shopping habbits.

Exhibit A : This is a picture I took in June 2013
Exhibit B : This is what it looks like in January 2014. I guess it doesn't look that much worse, but I had to relocate my falsies and all my liners because it wouldn't fit inside my drawer anymore.

Exhibit C : I also had to move my palettes to a drawer because there are too many to put on top anymore. You can also see my lipstick and lip balm collection better from the angle in this picture. As you can see, there are a lot more than there used to  be last June.

I have 3 other sub-goals which aren't exactly makeup related, but I thought I would share anyway.

1) No Bath and Body Works purchases for at least 6 months or until I have used up all I have. I just have a bunch of it at the moment and I find it useless to buy more just because there are good deals going on.

2) No more Lush purchases for 6 months for the same reasons (and because it's expensive).

3) I will keep myself from buying the Alex 9 Drawer from IKEA until my birthday because it's expensive. If I can wait this long then I will deserve to get it for myself as a birthday present!

That's all for my goals for 2014! Have you made similar goals for yourself? Let me know in the comments I'd love to hear about them!


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