Saturday, 7 April 2012

Preparation steps to leave for a backpacking trip

Once again, I should be studying for my exam on tuesday, so all my mind can think about is backpacking. While I was pondering on how to make my packing as efficient as possible, I started thinking about the different step I go through when preparing for a trip and I thought I would share them!

This is usually the process I go through when I decide I want to leave for a backpacking trip. I wouldn't call it planning exactly, it's more like a decision and research process in addition to preparing for departure. Thought it could help someone leaving for the first time!

Mathieu and I leaving for our third backpacking trip together, last summer :)

1) Decide where to go

2) Decide how long and when according to weather during the chosen period

3) Decide budget overall

4) Look up plane ticket prices and average daily expenses for chosen destination according to the level of comfort you are looking for

5) Using overall budget, plan an approximate daily budget

6) Make sure passeport is valid for 6 months before + after trip date

7) Figure out time off, what to do with apartment, bills, car, pets while gone

8) Research the visa situation for the destination according to your country of origin

9) Buy plane tickets

10) Buy travel insurance

11) Arrange for Visa if needed

12) Get shots and prescriptions for needed medication

13) Research your destination to know what you absolutely want to see

14) Get a good backpack suited to the length of the trip and your frame

15) Plan clothes according to the weather

16) Pack

17) Make photocopies of important documents and leave a copy with someone at home

18) Consider taking passeport pictures to bring if going from a country to another (for visa purposes)

19) Enjoy your backpacking trip!

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