Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mini Sephora Haul : Benefit Tan About Town

I've been planning in my mind the cosmetics and toiletries for my next backpacking trip lately. (which will most likely take place at the end of june through the end of august) I was trying to figure out how to minize everything even more. Even though I already only bring travel sized products, I was thinking of ways to combine so, to bring formulas that take less space etc. I've actually had quite a few really useful ideas in the process. I'll most likely make a post soon about some tips on reducing the weight and size of your toiletry bag without bringing less products. For backpacking, it's especially important since you carry everything on your back. However, I still want to be able to have all my hair, face and shower things.

Anyway, I'm rambling here. Where I'm going with this is actually that while I was thinking about what products to bring and how to make them as small as possible, I started wondering about the makeup I would bring. I've pretty much decided on only a couple products and it's pretty minimal already, but I really want it to be as compact as possible. I mainly wanted to reduce the size of the mascara and bronzer I'm planning on packing because if I'm being realistic, there is no way I would go through a whole powder and mascara in two months anyway. I really want to bring just the exact amount I need. I went on (they have a new site by the way, love it!) and saw this really cheap Benefit set (always wanted to try Benefit products!) called Tan About Town. It was only 15$ and includes a deluxe sample size of their famous mascara Bad Gal, a deluxe sample size of their also well-known bronzer Hoola and a deluxe sample size of their compact cream to powder foundation Some kind of Gorgeous (not my color at the moment, but I might consider packing it for when I have a tan during the trip).

It's a cheap way to try out new products and see if I like them. It also feels like a treat since I never purchase high end makeup. I'll have a great mascara and powder bronzer with me for the days I want to be a little more made up during my trip.

The lady at the register also gave me a couple free perfume samples which I thought was very sweet. I'm not very fond of either scent though. One is very spicy and the other very floral. I tend to prefer sweet and slightly spicy exotic scents more, so this isn't really the kind of perfume I usually go for. I'll probably give them to my mom so she can try them out in case she likes them!


  1. Sweet! I just bought the eco tools set at Jean Coutu. Can't wait to try it. Where are you going?

  2. Awesome, you'll see these are the greatest brushes ever! There is still one set I want, even though I probably have all the brushes I could ever need already. (actually I have an eye on these brushes also : lol they're synthetic too :P)

    And most likely I'll got back to thailand + cambodia and Vietnam which I haven't been to yet. I'm soooo excited :D



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