Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Natural Smokey Eye using Stila In the Lights Palette

I've wanted to upload a look using only the Stila in the Lights Palette for a while now. This is the look I came up with, a really natural smokey eye, perfect for everyday wear. It really makes the eyes pop and makes them look better. It's been my go to look, ever since I first made this. To make it even better, it's super easy!

How to achieve the look

1- Use Kitten wet all over the lid
2- Smoke out the outer corner and outer half of the crease using the black shade (Ebony) on a blending brush. Make sure to have a light hand or it will be too dark
3- Add a small amount of the Luster shadow to the middle of the lid to soften the gradient between kitten and ebony.
4- To help blend the black shadow, use the matte brown shadow called Bliss on a large shading brush and place it over the crease up to the brow bone.
5- Highlight the brow bone using the matte beige color called Bare.
6- Line the lower lash line using ebony from the outer corner to the middle of the eye. From the inner corner to the center, apply kitten again.
7- Line the eyes using either Ebony wet on a small angled brush or with black gel liner. I recommend lining the eye only until about halfway and flicking the liner a little bit.
8- Line the waterline using a black pencil liner.
9- Add lots of your favorite mascara

And you're done!

Tell me what you think of this look in the comments!

1 comment:

  1. Wow this look is so good for daytime! I'm so going to try to re-create it but with a different pallette thanks x



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