Monday, 28 November 2011

DealExtreme Haul #2

I finally received the second part of my order from DealExtreme and I'm really excited!

Basically, all the items I was most looking foward to were in it! :D

Here goes :

Charming Hello Kitty Style Mouse Pad - 4.20$ (pack of two)

Cute Hello Kitty Style USB 2.0 800DPI Optical Mouse - 8.00$

Nail Art Tool Dotting Painting Pen - 1.40$

Lord of the Rings Arwen Copper-Nickel Evenstar Pendant Necklace - 23.26$

I'm especially excited about the pendant :D It's really shiny and pretty. I'm really glad I decided to get it even though it was more expensive than most products on the site. The quality is great and it looks just like the real thing. I was a little scared it would be cheap, but so far I am VERY impressed. Anyhow, if you're a Lotr fan like me it's an awesome buy and you should totally get it! They also have a replica of the ring on a chain which looks quite nice as well :)

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase on DealExtreme. I didn't expect this much. Actually I was kinda expecting half the items to be super cheap and fall apart when they arrived, but I was very wrong. The quality is quite good considering the price you pay, and the shipping relatively quick considering it's free.

I would definitely order from them again!

If you're interested here is where is ordered from!

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