Friday, 18 November 2011

DealExtreme Haul #1

For anyone that doesn't know what DealExtreme is, it's basically a chinese website, that sells really really cheap products of all kinds with free shipping! The free shipping part is a real benefit, because what keeps me from buying from the Internet is often the shipping price. I couldn't justify spending money on 2$ items and then pay to get it shipped. Since it's free, you don't have to worry about the amount of items/their weight!

Mathieu and I had wanted to try it out for a while and we finally did take the chance and ordered!

Since everything is so absurdly cheap (the quality is not necessarly high on all item, but at that price it's not even a problem) and there's quite a few cute things, we ordered loads of stuff. In the end, our order was split up into two shippiments and this is the first one!

The most exciting items I ordered still haven't arrived yet, but what I got is still pretty cool!

I'll share the prices and product names used on the website as well so if you want to benefit from the deal you'll know what to look for! Make sure to get it quickly though if you want any of this since not all the deals on there are permanent!

Cute Bear Plastic Clothes Peg Hanger - 3,56$

he Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Glow-in-the-Dark Coin Bank - 5,30$

10-inch Flexible Desktop Digital Camera Tripod - 11,70$

Card Captor Sakura The Clow Card Set - 2,50$

925 Silver Bracelet - 1,80$

Cute Hello Kitty Pattern PU Leather Card Holder - 5,52$

Cute Domo-kun Plush Tissue Paper Holder - 4,19$

Hello Kitty Style Digital Camera Bag with Strap & Carabiner Clip - 3,90$

Cute Hello Kitty Style PU Leather Wristband + Metal Dial Quartz Wrist Watch - 4,30$

So far, I'm pleased with everything I received. Obviously it's not high quality, but everything is still in one piece, unbroken and super cute :D So far, so good!

The shipping time was also very reasonnable considering a) it's free, b) it leaves from china. I ordered it on the same night I ordered my brush kit (which I believe was sent from Florida) and it came only a few days later! I was quite suprised and happy to see it come so quickly:)

Have you ever bought/considered ordering from bargain web site like these? Did you have a good experience? Any other good sites to recommend? Let me know in the comments <3


  1. Je ne vois pas les prix =(

    Les 2ème et 3ème objets sont juste des articles de décoration ou ils sont autres chose aussi?

    Le truc pour couvrir la boîte de mouchoir est juste parfait!! =)

  2. Nevermind le commentaire précédent, la page n'avait pas fini de loadée et je ne voyais pas les captions des photos.. pis je ne sais même pas comment modifier mon commentaire...

    Double fail.

    But I LOOOVE the coinbank!!

    Le seul site de bargain où j'ai commandé des trucs c'est . Pour certains livres et films (quoique downloader c'est encore mieux =P) ça vaut la peine, desfois ya des boxset de livres à des prix ridicules!!! Le shipping est souvent cher par exemple, mais si tu commandes plus d'une chose à la fois, ça vaut la peine!! =)

  3. avoue que la banque est vrm nice! Est glow in the dark en plus :3 à ce prix la jpouvais pas ne pas l'acheter lol!

    Jvais surveiller ça, sur Amazon! J'adore les boxsets en plus, mais c'est vrai que le shipping peut être vrm cher par bout :(

    J'attend encore l'autre moitié de ma commande, c'est probablement le seul défaut du site où j'ai commandé. De toute façon jsuis même pas sure si j'aurais le temps de poster les objets vu que j'suis en éternelle mi-session (ça fait pas loin d'un mois!) lol



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