Friday, 30 September 2011

Beauty and scents Haul

I'm back with another haul! This time with some Elf, Revlon, Organix and Bath and Body Works!

I'm sorry I have been neglecting my blog lately, but school has kept me busy! (In fact I'm kind of still behind on studying, there is so much to learn). Hopefully I will find more time to post from now on, since I'm getting somewhat used to the rythym at this point.

First up is the Bath and Body Works stuff. That's where I got most of what I bought today. Like I mentionned in my last Bath and Body Works Haul, I got a coupon last time for twenty percent off your whole purchase, so I got  all kinds of goodies.

I ended up picking up mostly fall themed things, and only one Halloween soap. I wanted more Halloween things, but somehow once I got there, the autumn scents were more appealing to me. Here is what I got :

Cute little fox wallflower

The scents I got for the wallflower : tried and true salty caramel and mint chocolate and pumkin caramel latte which I've never tried yet. Salty caramel is plugged right now and it smells so good!
The only Halloween item I got : sweet cinnamon pumkin! The scent is subtle, the soap foamy and the bottle super cute, I love it!

Two small candles : oatmeal raisin cookie and hot chocolate! (hot chocolate is very true to its name, love chocolate scents :D)

 I also got shampoo and conditionner which I have been looking for forever! It's made with argan oil, is parabens, sulfate and cruelty free1 It's by Organix and and I cannot wait to try it out! Anyone has tried it? Tell me what you think about it if you have ^^

 I also got a nail polish at the drugstore (it was more than half off!) This is a repurchase, I loved this nail polish so much the first time that I had to get it again once it dried off. The color is amazing :D

Finally, last but not least, I got this Elf lip palette at Winners! Now I got tons of colors to use for looks :) I working on a celebrity inspired look which I'll post as soon as I get it right.

That's all! Would you try any of these products? Tell me what you think!

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