Friday, 16 September 2011

Fashion Haul + dress dilemma

Apparently, my university program hosts many parties where you need to dress up (wine and cheeses, official ceremonies, conventions, etc.). Since I don't own anything dressy, I decided to go shopping for a dress today (which turned out to be dresses :D)

I chose to go to Winners because I can always find a bargain and they have a great beauty section! Ever since I started school, I had so many things to pay for that I'm glad I was able to find these for cheap. I got two dresses, some dry shampoo and a Wet n Wild kit (only 6$ for all of it! such an awesome deal) and opaque tights.

Now I have a dilemma, I have a ceremony coming up next week in which we will officially receive our lab coats. Apparently there will be 600 people in attendance, the organizers told us to dress up. I bought two dresses so I have two outfits to choose from.

This one is very flattering and girly. I love the shape and the lace, but I'm concerned that it might be a little too much for the occasion (I hate feeling overdressed!). I have to admit that the opaque tights and the booties make  the dress a little more wearable though. Another thing I'm concerned about with this one is that it is light and short sleeved. It's already really cold out here and I don't want to wear a cover up all night!

This dress cost me 50$, awesome deal :D

Please ignore the awkward posing :P It always happens when someone points a camera at me!

This dress is more edgy than the first. It's super comfy and I love the long sleeves. The dress in itself is very warm so I would be sure not to be cold during the evening. It is however, somewhat less flattering that the first one on me, so I'm unsure whether I should chose it to walk on a stage in front of a bunch of people!

This dress was 40$, it's by the same brand than the other one! I only realized once I got home. I guess I love their stuff :P

Anyway what do you guys think? Which dress should I chose?

I also put this nail polish on tonight, I think it complements both dresses! It's Revlon's midnight affair. I love how it almost looks black from afar, but it has subtle blue glitter in it.


  1. The 2 dresses are very pretty, but I think you should wear the second one: it looks incredible on you!!! And it is getting cold dammit -_-

  2. Yea, I almost bought a fall coat today (it's only september D:) because I have been freezing with my hoodie. Thanks for the input :D I was having doubts on the second one, but it's so comfy and warm ♥

  3. I LOVE IT! nail colour is awesome and so is the grey dress. When you come to MTL, come to my store (salvation army notre dame)... we have a lot of mango/zara stuff for maximum 15$!!!!

  4. I ended up wearing the grey dress with raspberry red polish :D It was a little warm for the dress, but I was super comfy all night long!

    And Fred, I will come by for sure :D Cannot wait to see that!



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