Thursday, 6 October 2011

Hair inspiration

I've been thinking about cutting my hair lately (nothing too rash really, just trimming the ends and maybe a fringe?I definitely want to get some layers), and have been looking for hairstyles inspiration. That's when I came upon this hairstyle (it's not directy related to my haircut, it's more of a general hairstyle I'd like to try!) :

On an unrelated note, her skin looks absolutely flawless!

I absolutely love this! I think it makes ponytails look so much better :D

What do you think should I try this volumized ponytail?

And what type of haircut should I get? Should I get bangs? I'm not sure what I want!

That's all for today, I just wanted to share the picture with you all! I will be back with fall/halloween themed makeup and nails soon, I should have more free time in about a week ^^


  1. Hey miss !
    I think you should get bangs :), its cute and you can just pin it up if you have a bad hair day. I'd try this ponytail, it's perfect for a night out :)

    have a nice day,
    Arie xx :)

  2. I probably will get bangs, I'm kind of tired of the look I have now and I think bangs will make pony tails a lot cuter :D



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