Thursday, 8 September 2011

Update : University initiations and first week of school

I haven't posted in a while! I cannot say that I will be able to start posting more from now on, but I will try! Since school has started things have been completly hectic and I have barely had time to myself, let alone write, but since I've had such a busy week I thought I would share some of it!

Just before this week started, last weekend, we decided to go to Montreal to pay our friends and family a visit for the first time since we moved here in early august.

We only stayed over one night because we couldn't leave our cats home alone very long, but we still managed to do a couple fun things. Most of the first we spent there was used to shop for my university initiation costume (which was kind of elaborate...still debating if I'm posting a picture or not below, should I?) We also went for lunch at my favorite all you can eat sushi Kanda :D

Then, on that evening, we decided to try out one of Montreal's famous medieval inspired restaurants : L'auberge du Dragon Rouge. The concept is that there are waiter and entertainers which are dressed as medieval characters and act/serve you with the speech and manner of the epoch. The ambiance is extremely lively and quite loud. Since we didn't have a reservation, we chose to eat outside  where you are not part of the direct entertainment, but you still get in-character waiters which was fun. I had a veal burger, while Mathieu and our friends chose boar ribs and stew! Great night overall!

The next day, we went to restock some goodies in chinatown and ate at Sumo Ramen for lunch. I had the unagi which was super tasty :) For dinner we joined Mathieu's dad and his girlfriend for a great meal in a french Bistro. I had boeuf Bourgignon and raspberry sorbet. It was a really fun evening!

After that, we came back to Quebec City by bus to make the finishing touches on our costume for the initiations.

This week consisted of a full initiation day, three nights out in a row (two in bars which we attended, and one in a sugar shack) as well as full days of classes pretty much everyday, but monday. I have already got tons to review and memorise!

I can tell this is going to be a busy four years! I'm really excited for it.

Here a some pictures of the week's festivities :)

I also forgot to mention, I bought some great suede booties! They're my first heels in forever, gotta get used to them, but they look great on!

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