Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Christmas Haul and Presents!

This year, I did stockings for everyone in my family. Since it's not a tradition in my family, and since I was so excited about the concept, I really wanted one myself so I decided to make myself one as well :P I also got a couple presents from my brothers and boyfriend and I bought some stuff at the after Christmas sales.

I thought I would share it here, because I love to see hauls, especially Christmas ones! (even though most of this stuff I actually bought for myself :P)

The tiny tree I brought at the dollar store for my dad's appartment! It looks tiny compared to the presents :D

All the little things I put inside my stocking :)

My boyfriend surprised me with a Kindle! I have wanted one for the longest time and keep talking about getting myself one. I was so excited. I still can't believe he got it for me! I had no idea :D

A Garnier kit (19$ for the whole kit, so cheap!) I got myself and my brother's main gift for me : a pink light up miror :D I've wanted one forever!

From my brother, an Hello Kitty Pez keychain (ate all of them already) and a fuzzy squid mini hand bag!

I got clothes too, but I haven't had the time to take good pictures of them yet, so if I remember, I'll post them later on!


  1. Lovely haul. Enjoy your kindle, I know I'm addicted to mine :)
    Have a great new year

  2. yayyyyy awesome. i got so much stuff for raw food ill post pictures on my blog soon :P

    miss you lita <3

  3. @Pandora`s Box : Thanks :) I already adore it! It's probably the best gadget I ever owned! I don't have to lug around tons of heavy books anymore! What's your favorite kindle books by the way?

    @Rika : I can't wait to see it! I'm trying to eat healthier lately, I will probably ask for recipes :P Btw, since you're not on fb anymore (I assume you closed it because I can't find you anymore), you should send me an email so I have an address to write to you!

  4. btw, miss you too Fred :D xoxoxox



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