Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year in Vegas

Since we only have two weeks off for vacation from school this winter, my boyfriend and I were looking into a short vacation to cool off before university starts off again. We shopped for a while, but thought we would wait last minute to get a deal. Well that didn't work out quite as planned. The last minute deals for resorts kept creeting up and we couldn't decide if it was worth it, until we found a package for Las Vegas, flight and accomodation at the 5 star hotel The Venetian. We just had to jump on the opportunity so we booked it.

The package was for a flight a little over 12 hours later (talk about last minute!) so we prepared our luggage and left for the airport shortly afterwards. I think we had a reduction because the flight schedules were kind of funny (we arrived in Las Vegas at 12 am and are leaving at 1 am, kind of a bummer, but for a good reduction, why not!) Plus, it meant that we would spend new years in Las Vegas, how cool is that?

So I thought I'd share some of the things we did there :D (actually this is only half of it since we're still here until the 5th).

First, we took a cab (expensive D:) from the airport to the Venetian to settle down for our first night. The room is definetly impressive! It's probably the most luxurious hotel I've ever been in! It feels weird and I'm affraid to mess it up :P

The next day, we explored the strip a little and booked tickets for a UFC fight that was going on that night. My boyfriend and I usually enjoy going to see the fights in sports bars, so this was a great opportunity to see it live!

On new year's eve, we got tickets to see the Cirque du Soleil's Mystère show at the Treasure Island hotel. I've wanted to see a Cirque du Soleil show ever since my parents brought me to see Allegria when I was little. I have to say, I wasn't dissapointed. The show was wonderful! It was definitely worth it and I'd probably go again. I'd love to see the new show Ka, or the famous O. We dedided to take it easy after that, even though there were tons of parties for the new year. The strip was just way too crowded and we felt sleepy. We rang in the New Year in our suite watching movies in bed and looked out the window to see some of the fireworks outside.

We also went shopping at the Fashion Mall because I hadn't brought any suitable shoes for the weather (it's about 15 degrees celcius right now in Vegas, not exactly sandal weather. Since I had packed for a vacation in the south, I didn't bring any closed shoes other than heels so I needed something suited for  walking). We went to Sanrio, Wet Seal and Forever 21 and Walgreens. I got a couple clothes and nail polishes. :D I was really excited since we don't have Wet Seal where I live!

Today, we're taking it easy in the hotel room and we'll go out tonight to watch all the free shows on the strip (I'll take pictures :D) and tomorrow we might go for a magician show! So far, it's been great. We've been keeping pretty busy, but relaxing at the same time (the bed is really comfy and the bathroom has a great tub). The hotels on the strip are huge and impressive and I love all the themed attractions. There is a volcano, a huge castle, an effeil tower replica, a liberty statue replica and I'm forgeting some :)

I'll update later with the rest of the week's activties when I get back!


  1. What gorgeous pictures.Thanks for taking us along.Have a wonderful new year. Your new follower. Follow back if you like :)

  2. I'm glad you like the pictures, I put more on soon :)

    Thanks for the follow, I really appreciate it, I followed you back, I think I'll enjoy your blog :D



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