Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Halloween eyes : Sweet Candy Corn

Here is a Halloween makeup inspired by candy corn! Believe it or not, I've never had it! It's not very popular around where I live, I've never even seen them sold. Apparently they're very good though and the colors are very eye catching so I decided to reproduce it on my lids :P

For anyone like me who never had it, this is what it looks like:

And this is what I came up with, not exactly in the same order, but close enough :P

I used the BH 120 palette 1st edition over Nyx Jumbo Eye pencil in milk, liquid black liner and mascara, and black on the waterline :)

Might be back with more Halloween/fall looks soon! I just got a big test recently and I have been studying like mad, but now I have a little (and that really means only a little, I gotta start studying for another test all over again in like 2 days) time so I might make more!

Tell me what you would like to see :D

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