Monday, 4 April 2011

Makeup look : Fiery sunrise

I've tried photographing this particular looks at least three times now. For some reason, every single time I made it, the lighting was no good and the colors ended up not showing true to life. Also, since my camera isn't exactly high quality, whenever I take pictures without flash, I need to be absolutely still in order to get a crisp capture. It really isn't that easy not to move at all while trying to take a close up of my eye =p

I decided to take the plunge and purchase a mini tripod the other day. It was super cheap and it's not very versatile (I can't adjust the height or take pictures that are not in the landscape format), but it's just what I needed to take good makeup pictures.

This makeup look is inspired by the fiery sunrises of summer time! Since it's been getting warmer over here (and by that, I mean about 5-10 degrees Celsius), I've been longing for summer time! This look is fun, vibrant and warm, just like summer!

I've, of course, used my trusty CS 88 Warm palette for this look using a bright glittery orange in the crease, a golden shade for the lid and a burgundy for the outer corner. I've lined my eyes with a brown gel liner to keep the look soft and added a bunch of black mascara.

What do you think?

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