Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The 6 coolest/craziest things I've done while traveling

I'm generally not that adventurous. I love to feel safe and I'm not exactly the kind to look for thrilling or crazy experiences. For some reason though, every time I leave for a backpacking trip, I want to do more intense stuff, things I wouldn't even think of back home. Those times are actually some of my most cherished memories now. I'm glad I've decided to come out off my shell and do all these things!

Anyone else has discovered an unlikely love for adventure while traveling?

Anyway here goes :

6) Scuba Diving in Honduras

Me with all my gear, climbing back into the boat

Nothing too unusual there, but most likely one of the best times I had while traveling.

5) Petting a tiger in Thailand

Me with a young tiger. It was super hot that day and all the tigers were really relaxed, phew!

It's supposed to be really safe, but it's still quite the thrill to be so close to such a naturally ferocious creature.

4) Backpacking two months with nothing but a daypack in South-East Asia

I'm not talking about a backpacking pack here, I'm refering to a book bag like the ones you would use in high school or elementary. To this day I cannot figure out how I did it, I guess I went really minimal =p Keep in my that while backpacking, you usually stay in guest houses and hostels which do not have towels, shampoo and soap or anything like that (actually you often even have to bring your own toilet paper, at least in South-East Asia's more affordable guest houses) so you have to carry everything you need in your bag. I was crazy XD

3) Canopy ride in Honduras

Me in the middle of the ride. It doesn't look that high from the picture, but trust me, that cable is pretty high up =/

They actually make you pay for your ride AFTER the activity is over. Pretty shady if I may say so myself. Nevertheless, the experience was a lot of fun and quite a bit less scary than I had imagined (a good thing in my opinion =p)

2) Hiking an erupting volcano in Guatemala

My boyfriend and I posing with the lava. Excuse my crazy hair on the picture, the wind wasn't having it!

To be fair, this one sounds worse than it is. This volcano is constantly more of less in eruption so it's not like it was an extraordinary event or anything, but I was really impressed nonetheless! While the hike was pretty rough, it was absolutely worth it to be able to witness real lava at such a short distance!

1) volcano boarding in Nicaragua

This is not my picture by the way, I was way too terrified to snap good pictures

and Yes, I had to wear one of those awesome orange suits and goggles too! I would say this is the only thing on this list I wouldn't recommend or do again! I found it to be incredibly dangerous, at least way too much for my taste! My boyfriend actually fell off his board mid-way (something that is very common btw), started rolling uncontrollably and got hit right in the face by the board. He almost had a concussion -_- and was bleeding quite a bit from the head. So much for a thrilling experience =X

Tell me your most exciting memories from traveling or in general! I'd love to know about it =D

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