Saturday, 16 April 2011

Happy birthday Billy ^_^

Last night was my older brother's birthday party! I went over to my dad's place and we all celebrated with good food and good company. I had a blast and I think the party was quite successful.

My mom and I prepared the recipe for lemon chicken I uploaded on here a couple weeks ago for dinner and my parents prepared a cesar salad and cooked asparagus to go with it! I was so hungry that I forgot to take pictures =( I got some snapshot of dessert though ^^

I took a couple pictures there, but most of them came out blurry because my camera is terrible -_-

Here are the shots that came out decent! Hope you enjoyed your birthday party bro =p

The birthday boy with one of the balloons. He bought a bunch of them at a party specialty store and they all had different designs on them! There were some really amazing ones like the one Billy is holding on the picture. It had Disney's Tinkerbell on it. ♥ There were also some with zebra stripes, tie-dye, Disney princesses and he even got some helium filled plain ones. We ended up having way too much fun throwing and kicking the balloons around all evening =D

I have to show these shot glasses because they are just amazing! (this one only contained a tiny portion of mango beer, nothing strong or anything like that =p) My younger brother brought these at the anime convention last summer. Aren't they adorable?

Chocobo ♥ ♥ ♥

My brother giving it the thumbs up =p

The drink in them was a mixture of milk, irish cream and a tiny bit of vodka. It tasted most of irish cream in my opinion which was perfectly fine by me =D

I might as well show you this mini Haul. Before the festivities started, I went to the drugstore to pick these up. The polish and Tressemé product were on sale. Yay! My mom also gave me a bunch of polishes she doesn't really use anymore. I couldn't get a clear picture, I might upload that later on =)

A clover and a really cool multicolored balloon =D

And finally, the cake! This has got to be my favorite cake ever! My parents purchase it every single time it's someone's birthday. It's a super light chocolate mousse over a praline crispy layer at the bottom. It's absolutely decadent and creamy without feeling too rich. It's from pâtisserie Rococo at Halles d'anjou ♥ I hope I get that cake for my birthday too =p


  1. Great birthday, thx for all the time you took with Pa&Ma to make this happen I had an Awesome time ;-P

  2. Woohoo =D

    So glad you had fun, I had a blast!

    Balloons + cake + lemon chicken = win ♥



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