Thursday, 28 April 2011

Done moving and a tiny haul =D

I'm finally settled! It didn't take very long as I haven't moved into another apartment. My boyfriend and I are staying with my family for the summer until we figure out what we're doing for university and stuff!

You can imagine how big of a change it will be for them to have two new occupants and three cats! Our bedroom is pretty much ready but we've got a lot of sorting out to do =) I'm positive we should be done within a week though!

I have access to a fully equipped kitchen and all my makeup and products one again, so I'll be able to resume my regular posting!

I might as well show you what I got today since I'm super excited about it!

*Drum roll*


Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and Black Bean!

Omg I've wanted this for the longest time! It's almost impossible to find NYX here in Montreal, but there's a small pharmacy near where I moved that have a big display full of the jumbo pencils! I was litterally drooling over them! I had to control myself though because they were 5$ each =p I got just the basics!

I also got this spot treatment with has 5% benzoyl peroxide, hopefully that'll work well

I'll upload some looks using the jumbo pencils! I'm so excited to work with them =D


  1. Benzoyl peroxide doesnt work for me anymore DAMNIT

  2. awww )= that's really lame! Not sure if it works for me yet, but when I put it on I can kind of feel it sting for a couple minutes. Hope that means it doing its job =o



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