Wednesday, 18 February 2015

What I ate on the Holland America Eurodam (7 days Caribbean Cruise)

As promised, here is the food post from my Caribbean cruise on the Eurodam! The food was incredibly good and I think I gained at least 5 pounds during the week :p Most of these are from the dining room and the Pinnacle Grill. I didn't take any pictures at the Lido, but the food was outstanding there as well! So if you're into food posts, or if you're curious about the food on the Eurodam, enjoy!

Scallops on the first night, amazing!

I can't remember what type of fish this was, but it was lovely!

Lobster bisque at the Pinnacle Grill

One of the bottle of wines from the Navigator's wine package

Crab cakes at the Pinnacle Grill, quite good, but not exactly my cup of tea

Salmon tartar at the Pinnacle Grill

Caesar salad in the main dining room

I believe this was codfish if I'm not mistaken. This one was average for me

Can't remember the name of this one, but as you can see it was a chocolate cake with berry compote, very yummy! 
Cheese and potato soup. I never had this before and I'm totally sold now!

Tuna steak. This was incredible, but the portion was really large in comparison to other main dishes. I couldn't finish it!

Some sort of hot lava cake. It was heavenly ♥

Afternoon tea treats! We only went once, but I wish we had gone more, it was very nice.

French onion soup, probably one of the best I've ever had!

Sorry for the blurry picture, the waiter moved the plate to remove the tail as I was taking the picture. It's the surf and turf from the main dining room. The filet mignon was very good, but you can tell the quality of the meat in the Pinnacle grill is higher (I had filet mignon there on the second night). The lobster tail was amazing.

Tiramisu. I kind of regretted my choice for this one. It felt like nothing but mascarpone and barely any doigts de dame and espresso. It tasted fine, but it wasn't really an authentic tiramisu in my book.

On the second formal night, around the world menus. This was brie with phyllo paste and cranberry compote. Very tasty!

Baba ganoush (not that great), stuffed vine leaves (really tasty), hummus, tomato, feta marinated in olive oil and olives. A great little appetizer, not too heavy, but full of flavor.

Codfish with risotto, wasn't my favorite, but not badly executed either. I guess I'm just not that big of fan of codfish in hindsight!

Apple cheesecake, omg! This was amazing. The apple pie coulis and crumbly crust were simply heavenly in combination with the soft fluffy cheesecake. I could eat this everyday!

Some kind of roast. It was very tender and juicy!

Crème brulée. While it was nice, it was cold. It would have been a lot nicer had it been warm!

That's most of the food I had in the dining room on my 7 days on the Eurodam. Hopefully this post was either helpful or enjoyable for you all! And if you're not a fan of the food posts, no worries, other types of posts will be coming up shortly!

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