Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My Beach Bag Essentials

Like some of you might know by now, I went on a Caribbean cruise recently. There were 4 stops, two of which we spent on the beach relaxing and getting a little bit of sun. I'm not a beach bunny by any means, which means to enjoy myself at the beach I need to be prepared. That's why I like to make sure that I have all my beach essentials on hand. Today I thought I would share what I bring with me when I go to the beach!

Beach Bag Essentials

Beach Bag Essentials by luhivy featuring plush beach towels

1) Ardène Black Rope Beach Bag : Neutral so it goes with everything! Also I love the nautical feel it has because of the rope straps. 

2) Laroche Posay Anthelios SPF : My skin is really pale and sensitive. Also I'm quite concerned about premature aging and skin cancer for over exposure to the sun. Therefore I always go for a high quality sunscreen (especially on my face). My go-to is the Anthelios from Larose Posay.

3) Sunglasses : A must, especially if you are going to be reading on the beach.

4) Hair ties, detangling spray and a travel hair brush : because beach hair can be a little crazy, especially when your hair is as long as mine.

5) A beach hat : Mine is black, collapsible (ultra practical when you're packing!) and lightweight. It's great to keep my face and ears from getting tomato red in the sun.

6) Avène Thermal water spray : to cool off when the tropical weather gets a little too much.

7) Lipbalm with SPF : very important unless you like the look of burned lips!

8) Camera : to capture all the fun in the sun! (that sounded corny, sorry about that)

9) Music and books : I like to bring my phone and earbuds and my Kindle. The Kindle is great because it's super portable and lightweight. It doesn't light up which means you can read in the sun with no problems.

10) A beach cover-up, a beach towel and a sarong : in case it gets a little chilly, to lye on or if I wanna protect my skin from the sun a little.

That's all I like to bring to the beach with me! What are your beach essentials? Do you have any recommendations for useful items that could help me out? Let me know in the comments. I hope you all enjoyed this quick post, have a nice week everyone.

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