Sunday, 20 May 2012

Summer 2012 : a summer trimester and backpacking trip

Hey everyone! Long time no post on here! Sorry about that :(

I thought I would update a little on my first year of university and how it's going since I haven't for a while and tell you about my plans for summer 2012.

I'm currently halfway through my first summer trimester ever (it's mandatory in my program, I'm not taking classes to speed up the process or anything). I have to say, this year has been very rewarding, but very hard. I've never had to work this hard in my life and that's something. It's not like I never studied before either. I used to study quite a lot for each exam back in cegep. But this is something completly different. Each class has an incredible amount of theory, which I need to integrate as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Anyway, I'm not complaining, because the program is very interesting, but it's been though so far! The summer trimester is only making it worse, since it's getting nice and warm out and I have to study and to get ready for my second internship next week and all I want is to enjoy the nice weather out.

So that's pretty much what I have been up to lately. Although this trimester is quite a bit lighter in content than other trimesters, it's still a drag since I haven't had any time off between the winter trimester and the summer one. It's been one long, never ending semester and I'm quite exhausted at this point. At least my grades are ok and I feel like I'm learning loads! Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to resume posting more regularly soon, since school will finish for me on the third week of june!

I will most likely post quite a bit about my next backpacking trip to asia then also. My boyfriend and I will be leaving for most of the summer for Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia and I cannot wait :D There is also a good friend from university who will be joining us for the first couple of weeks which should be a lot of fun. Anyway, that's pretty much all that's been going on in recent weeks :) Thank you all for still reading me and I'll be back soon with more exciting post.

I think summer 2012 will be something to remember for a long time :) What are your plans for this summer? Tell me in the comments!

Love you all <3


  1. Weeeh Pharmacy school! I can't wait to learn about your trip when you come back. For me, summer is all about moving my butt to Toronto, and starting a new life. August will be hard work to earn entrepreneurship grants and Compassion grant (for my foundation project).

  2. Actually, I might update on the trip during like last time :)

    and yay for toronto, love the city! Wish you lots of courage and luck in the hard work that's coming up and good luck on getting the grants you need! I know you can do it <3

    Btw, I'm coming over to Montreal next wednesday (30) and staying until sunday! Wanna meet? I'll bring your bracelet!

  3. Yes yes yes! I gave u my number but i don't have yours. text me?



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