Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Pokemon Series : Kakuna Inspired Makeup Look

 Hello everyone! So it's been ages since I've last posted a makeup look. Like I said in my previous couple of posts, I've been ridiculously busy with school. I've been on internship for the past month and most of it was in Montreal which means I wasn't home. It's been almost impossible to do makeup away from home since I didn't have the right setup for it. (trust me, I tried and the results were really terrible :/) I'm back home now, but still doing another internship 40 hours a week. I'm really tired whenever I get back so it only leaves me with the weekend to work on the blog.

Thankfully I found a bit of time this week to prepare a few makeup looks for you all! I also found this Kakuna makeup I did before I left that I never had the chance to use. I don't remember all the products I used to create it tough so I'll just explain briefly what I remember. I used mostly my BH 120 1st Edition Palette and the Coastal Scents 88 Warm for the shadows. I can't remember the false lashes, brow products or liner I used but the mascara is the Clump Crusher as usual. Hope you all enjoy this one! Let me know what other Pokemon looks you'd like to see me do :)

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