Sunday, 4 May 2014

Projet 10$/Week 2014 Update and Haul : Recent Purchases

Hey all! Today I'm doing an update on my new year resolution for 2014. Basically, if you haven't seen my new year resolution post, I decided to allow myself a budget of only 10$ per week for makeup throughout 2014 in order to encourage myself to think more about what I'm buying, to make myself wait for things that I want, and to be more sensible in general with my makeup purchases. In other words, I wanted to break my impulse buying habits as far as makeup is concerned. This rule does not apply to product repurchases, meaning once I run out completely of an item I use frequently (or if it goes bad, for example mascara), I can replace it and it doesn't count in my 10$/week budget. I also decided to lay off Bath and Body Works as well as Lush until at least august (which will be my birthday, so I may allow myself to indulge then) or until I finish up all my products, whichever is quicker (probably the former).

Today, I thought I would update you all on how it's going since I have made a few purchases recently. I guess we could call this a haul, although it's really tiny.

Bath and Body Works 

Status : I haven't even been in there for months, let alone buy anything. I'm doing good progress going through my hand soaps and candles, but ultimately I think it's unlikely I will run out of everything before august.


Status : I haven't been into a Lush store since December 2013. I still have body lotion and a few other bits and bobs to finish which are products that are difficult for me to finish. I'm really starting to crave a bath bomb now, but I am motivated to keep going.


Repurchases : I have repurchased my favorite mascara because the ones (yes I have more than one tube) I have are getting old. I haven't broken into the new tube yet, but I'm keeping it as a backup so that I have it as soon as I toss the other two. I also got an Avène Thermal Water Spray which I use as a setting spray after my makeup is done. I have used many different products for this in the past, but all of them are finished now so I needed a new one.

New purchases : I have been lusting over this Bourgeois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation for a long time now. While Bourgeois is easily accessible here, it's quite expensive so I have waiting for the right moment to get it. It was 27$ CAD. (Therefore I'm counting this as 3 weeks) I also got a new perfume which I hadn't counted on. Initially, I hadn't thought about perfumes when I made my nye resolution. However, since I believe this was by no means a necessary purchase, I decided it needed to be included in my makeup budget. The perfume I got is Purr by Katy Perry and it was 20$ (representing two weeks of budget).

That's it for this update! I wasn't expecting it to be so long winded, I hope you all don't mind! Let me know in the comments what your recent beauty purchases were and if I should think about including them to my list of products to get in 2014! Have a good day everyone ♥

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