Saturday, 28 December 2013

Home Organisation : Closet Tour

Hey everyone! Ever since I moved to this new place in June, I've been really into organisation and making everything look pretty in here. Since I love everything to have its place, I've been moving things around a little and now I'm quite pleased with how and where everything is. In case you all are also interested in home organisation, I decided to share with you all how I organize my clothes inside my walk-in closet! (by the way I'm still super excited to have a walk-in lol). 

It's quite a small closet though so I don't keep all of my clothes in there. The most exciting thing about it is that it connects the bedroom to the bathroom which is quite handy! Anyway, on with the tour.

Here's the left side of my closet

On the top shelf, I keep my chair cushion and my weekend bag, which is currently filled with my plushies because I don't want them to get dusty.

On the floor underneath my clothes, I keep 2 drawer units and 2 filing boxes which have important papers in them. I'll go more into detail about the left drawer unit's content later on in this post, but the drawer unit or the right has my pjs in them. I like to keep my pjs there because it's close to the bathroom, which means easy access when I get out of the shower!

On this side, I keep all my casual bulky sweaters and hoodies. I keep them color coded because I think it looks nicer. I also like to keep them all on identical hangers. 

This is the drawer unit on the left. Actually it's two units stacked, as you can see. In the top one, I keep arts and crafts supplies. On top of that, I keep my camera case and my tripod which is not there at the moment since I was using it while I was taking the pictures.

Underneath I have another larger drawer unit which contains bulky socks (fuzzy socks and wool socks, because apparently I have so many of them that they require their own drawer :P, I guess it's because it gets really cold here and I hate to have cold feet, lol), tights, leg warmers, scarves and bathing suits.

This is the right side of the closet

On the top shelf, I keep three white bins (from Dollorama), a blue shoe box (I've had it for years, couldn't tell you where I got it) and a white floral fabric from IKEA. In the two first bins, I keep candles and spare empty makeup bags. In the third bin I keep old Christmas cards which I have kept over the years. In the blue shoe box, I have keepsakes of all kinds and in the IKEA box I keep my nail polish collection. I'm not happy with my nail polish set up at the time, because it's a little too difficult to access, but it's all I have at the moment. I'm thinking of investing in a Alex 9 Drawer by IKEA and storing my makeup and polishes in there eventually, but it's quite expensive so I'm waiting a while longer.

On the floor underneath my clothes, I keep my empty suitcase, a container filled with art and school supplies as well as my clothes hamper. 

On this side of the closet, I keep all my jeans, work pants, work tops and dresses. I keep my jeans and pants ordered by color and the dresses almost, as much as I can, but it's not as easy since some of them have multiple colors. I also tried having all identical hangers, but I ran out, so I have to make due with two sets for now since I can't find the turquoise one anywhere anymore.

I also have my two lab coats and my bath robe on there. Which is super boring and I'm not sure why I'm telling you this, ahah.

Finally, on the wall over the hamper, I installed three hooks (from Dollorama) which I use to store all my necklaces. I divide them by color and length as you can see.

That's all that is in my closet! Hope you enjoyed this tour/organisation post! Let me know if you would like to see more posts like these!

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