Sunday, 15 December 2013

12 Days of Christmas : My Christmas Tree (Silver, blue and white Snowflake Themed)

Hey everyone! Today I have another Christmas post to share with you all! I'm sharing my Christmas tree! Setting up the Christmas tree for me is always a really exciting moment and I just love to see it in my living room. It makes me smile every time. This year I put it up especially early because I couldn't wait any longer. (Christmas tree on November 1st anyone? Am I the only nut who does that?)

Also, check out Last year's tree! Can you spot the differences? Obviously it looks quite similar since many of the ornaments are the same, but I have many more round ornaments now. Also, you can't tell from last year's pictures, but there wasn't enough ornaments to have them all around the tree last year, but this year we do! Yay!

I also added a few Christmasy touches to my coffee table and my bookcase. I did cute silver, blue and snow flakes printed boxes in the bookcase and silver candle holders with a mini Christmas tree on the coffee table. Oh and the tissue paper box has snowmen on it!

That's all for my Christmas Decor this year! Hope you enjoyed this :)

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