Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Summer 2012 South East Asia Bucket List

Day dreaming about being here ♥

Still not done with my summer trimester. There is still about 2 and a half weeks left and in the meantime, I'm day dreaming about all the wonderful things I will get to do once I leave. Since there has been so many ideas whirling around in my mind, I thought I would compile a list of what I look forward to and what I really want to do, a sort of bucket list I guess you could say.

I simply cannot wait to start packing and enjoy the sun, the sand, the beach and the foods there. To this day, my trip to South East Asia remains my favorite and I'm beyond excited about going back now that I have more traveling experience!

Since it's not my first time in South East Asia, some of the things on here are repeats, things I have already done in the past. I've added them on there because I enjoyed them so much that I cannot see myself not doing it again :)

By the way, sorry for the recent lack of makeup looks recently, I got eczema around the eyes again and can't wear any makeup at all (plus it looks horrid :P) Hopefully it goes away soon!

What's your bucket list for Summer 2012? Let me know in the comments below!

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