Thursday, 14 June 2012

Backpacking Trip 2012 Update

It's official! While I have been talking non stop about this backpacking trip on here for the past few weeks, it's now completely official! Yup :) I have purchased the plane tickets which pretty much seals the deal! Now I have a fixed departure and return date. I will be leaving for the longest I ever have, which I'm really excited about! It wasn't exactly what we had planned on, meaning that we we're thinking more 6-8 weeks, but the tickets were so much cheaper this way. So we booked for a full 10 weeks! The initial plan was for Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, but with this much time, we might have time for anything such as China, Phillipines and Indonesia, so exciting! Anyway, that's all! I simply wanted to share my excitement on the recent news! I'm leaving in a week, YAY! :D



    still, i have to see you the 19th. Im pretty much normal exept i have a "platre" on my face lol

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